Zagros Licorice Co

licorice root
Application and Properties:

The Licorice Extract is obtained by Licorice roots, Some of Licorice Extract has variety of applications and properties: like cosmetics, Beverages, Tobacco industries, Medical herbs, Confection and food additives.

Process of Producing Licorice Extract:

At the first step we obtain the wild roots grown naturally, without any chemical elements and pesticides and stock it in our warehouse. After the roots are dried and the dust and extra elements are seprated, the roots are crushed by crusher, we deploy to the line of processing, producing Licorice Extract is done by natural gas. The roots are decocted, press out, filtered, concentrated and evaporated. our productions are produced on basis to updated, standard packing and offered to our consumers. The selective point of the process of producing Licorice extract by Zagros Company and packing are done completely by machine automatically without hand interference.

bijan ghobadi
Manager :

Bijan Ghobadi:
Main shareholder, chairman and chief executive. He is a qualified mechanical engineer with at least 25 years in both technical and industrial management. And, also he has valuable informations and well experienced for 15 years in manufacturing Licorice extract

Trade and Market :

The Licorice Extract which Zagros Company Producing is mostly exported such as:
1- China
2- Europe
3- Russia
4- Middle-East
5- South Africa

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